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CRB/Shell and Core Redevelopment Project, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Campus

Townsend Chicago, LLC & Wexford Science & Technologies, Chicago, IL
Type of Work: Heating and Air Conditioning
Architect/Engineer: Bulley & Andrews, LLC

Renovating a historic building on a college campus is no easy feat, especially when the project involves spaces that were designed decades ago.

That’s what makes McCauley Mechanical’s work on a research center lab building at IIT so interesting.

McCauley Mechanical integrated two new 400-ton chillers into an existing cooling tower plant for the project, which included the complete renovation of a historical 140,000 sq. ft. laboratory building located on IIT’s campus.

McCauley Mechanical also installed the shell and core mechanical systems, as well as tenant build-out mechanical systems. The project required significant coordination, especially where the mechanical systems were concerned, says Bulley & Andrews Project Manager Ryan Stetler.

“The mechanical equipment is a major part of the coordination on this project,” he says.

The job posed coordination challenges throughout its short seven-month schedule because the building’s floor-to-ceiling height is less than the typical laboratory building, says McCauley Project Manager Roy Rinaldi. “With that reduced ceiling height, coordination with all of the trades involved was critical,” he explains.

McCauley brought its equipment down to the basement through area wells, breaking down larger pieces and reassembling them once they were inside the facility. “As the piping and sheet metal contractor on the job, our coordination of the shop drawings was critical to the project’s success,” Rinaldi says. “When we created the shop drawings, we had to keep in mind the other trades, because they would have to get over, under or around us to perform their own work.

“We needed to be cooperative in a very uncooperative space – we couldn’t just do our work and block everyone else in the process. When everyone is willing to do a little give and take, you’ll have a successful job,” adds Rinaldi.

Working with McCauley ensured the job was done right, Stetler says. “McCauley Mechanical is a professional company. They performed in the field and in the office, and followed through with their commitments in every aspect of the project.”

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