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Critical Mechanical Specialties

Laboratory and Medical-Gas Piping
As new materials emerge, today’s laboratory and medical-gas piping systems face additional requirements and increasingly higher standards. McCauley Mechanical understands this dynamic environment, and staffs a number of certified medical-gas installers to meet any and all requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).
Laboratory Ventilation
One of the most important concerns a building owner faces is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Studies show that IAQ directly affects worker productivity and comfort.

At McCauley, our management and field teams work together to maintain the health of laboratory ventilation systems not just after construction, but during construction as well – helping to ensure that the effect of construction on business is kept to a minimum.

Orbital Welding
When purity and quality are especially critical, McCauley answers the call. Our experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries includes systems in distilleries and bakeries – where the welds on stainless steel piping are held to rigid standards of purity.